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AtomTrace | New Solutions for Multi-Elemental Chemical Analysis Fast and easy, high-resolution, high-sensitivity 2D or 3D mapping of chemical content. Surface mapping and detection of thin layers. Depth-profiling and detection of thin layers.                                                                                                                                               See Our Products



AtomTrace - LIBS Interaction Chamber

LIBS Interaction Chamber

Chemical analysis the way you want

We think that the tools you use should reflect the way you work, not the other way around. Vacuum-capable body with 14 input ports, motorized manipulator and number of specialized modules of the The LIBS Interaction Chamber lets you easily build basic or advanced LIBS experiments, such as Double-Pulsed LIBS, LIBS+LIFS, micro LIBS, LIBS in low pressure, and gives you space to add your own modifications.

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AtomTrace - LIBS Modular Table-top Setup

LIBS Sci-Trace

A device that grows as you do

Needs change and the tools we use should reflect this. The Sci-Trace product series allows you to start only with the functionality you need and add functionality as your research needs change up to high performance comprehensive LIBS setup

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AtomTrace - LIBS X-Trace

LIBS X-Trace (With Remote Detection)

Comprehensive lab that you can take to the sample

Do not limit your needs by the laboratory setups, you can adapt the lab and take it to the sample to perform real remote and on-site analysis. It makes chemical analysis faster and easier.

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AtomTrace - LIBS Application Setup

LIBS Application Setup

Smart solution for your real-world matter

Let your work benefit from LIBS analysis embodied in our specialized design. After 18 years of research and development we can deliver LIBS solution you need.

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LIBS Software -AtomAnalyzer

LIBS Software AtomAnalyzer

Effective spectra processing tool

Even the most complex spectra processing algorithms can be build in a clear and easily managable form. AtomAnalyzer is designed this way, so give a boost to your working efficiency and deal with the spectra with the grace.

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AC-DDG-4: Digital Delay Generator

AC-DDG-4 Digital Delay Generator

Cheap but precise synchronization

DDG is the core components of every LIBS system for synchronizing the individual components. AC-DDG4 has been designed and optimized for the LIBS while keeping a high price-performance ratio.

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Easy and Quick Chemical Analysis


LIBS technology is able to perform multi elemental analysis of most of the periodic table elements including those with low atomic weight. In a matter of seconds it can analyse samples of all states without the need for any special preparation be it solid, liquids or gas.

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Environmentally Friendly analysis

It uses green and clean technology and is relatively simple to use in comparison to other techniques based on mass spectroscopy or utilising electron or ion beams.

Remote and in-situ analysis when required

It is not even necessary to bring the sample to the lab. You can bring the “lab” to the sample and analyze distance samples or samples in dangerous or inaccessible environment.

Strong Technology Base

AtomTrace has been founded as a startup from the Central European Institute of Technology (Brno, CZ) and strongly cooperates with this newly born centre in the fields of life sciences, advanced materials and technologies. We have long-term cooperation also with other institutions, such as Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Faculty of Science on Masaryk University.

About Us

Experience Matters

About Us

We have know-how gained by 17 years of research and experiments, the applications of which have been published in various scientific journals including the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy, Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, Sensors, Optical Engineering and periodically presented at international conferences.

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About AtomTrace

AtomTrace has been founded as a start-up from the Central European Institute of Technology in 2014 and since strongly cooperates with this newly born centre of the fields of life sciences, advanced materials and technologies. We have long-term cooperation also with other institutions, such as Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The main goal is the commercialisation of promising technologies that arise from research and development particularly in the field of material analysis by the LIBS technique.

Know-how is given by the years of research activities of the Laboratory of laser spectroscopy (Brno University of Technology) and the Laboratory of analytical chemistry (Masaryk University), which are specialised in LIBS methods since 1997.

The founding members come from these labs. Due to the strong binding to the Institute of Physical Engineering (BUT) and Institute of Machine and Industrial Design (BUT) the R&D team was always oriented also to the development of the LIBS instrumentation. So besides the LIBS researchers, the AtomTrace team includes also specialists on machine design, electronics and software development. Long-term cooperation with other institutes, such as the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, enables to include experts from related science fields.

Our experiences with the LIBS technique comes from more than 17 years of research and experiments. We are publishing our work concerning the LIBS (Double Pulse LIBS, LIBS+LIFS, Liquid LIBS, Stand-Off LIBS) and its applications in scientific journals (Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy, Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, Sensors, Optical Engineering) and periodically presenting it on international conferences.


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