LIBS Sci-Trace

LIBS Interaction Chamber

Sci-Trace is a configurable LIBS setup designed to provide to the researchers maximum possibilities for their LIBS experiments.

Sci-Trace consists of an instrumentation cabinet and the LIBS Interaction Chamber mounted on an optical breadboard.

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Key Features

AtomTrace - LIBS Interaction Chamber

Configurable spectroscopic system

Possibility of selecting a combination of the interaction chamber, lasers, detection system, equipment, setups for LIBS techniques, Double-Pulsed LIBS, LIBS+LIFS and eventually other spectroscopic techniques - such as NIR Spectroscopy, Raman, etc.

Whole system can be supplemented with the laboratory instrumentation cabinet consisting of the optical workbench on the top and shelf system with the rack system inside. That is a lot of space for your experiments.

Designed by scientists for scientists

Designed to be opened and ready for various researcher`s extensions and experiments. Allows to fully concentrate on the LIBS method and its results rather than troubleshooting and system building.

Intuitive control

Integrated software for control of all the setup elements – from sample manipulation through adjustment of all active setup elements to spectra collection and processing.

Robust and reliable

Individual configurations and components were selected based on our broad experience with LIBS analysis and instrumentation. Thus mutual compatibility of the individual components is guaranteed.

Plug-in concept

Easy system expansion by the user, wide spectrum of modules: components of the interaction chamber, lasers, spectrometers, detectors, mass flow controllers etc. The user simply joins the new module into the setup and activates the corresponding software plug-in.


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