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AtomAnalyzer Process the spectra quickly and efficiently! Connecting the individual functional nodes together makes even the most complex algorithms clear and easily editable. Download trial



Functional Nodes

AtomAnalyzer is a software for the spectra processing. It brings a new concept of spectra analysis, where each operation is represented by a so-called Node. Connections between the nodes together with the order of operations creates a processing graph which can be used for automated spectra analysis.
Functional Nodes
Each Node represents some function / calculation / visualization.

Step by step analysis

Start with the input spectra, place individual Nodes on the graphical Workspace, connect them to each other as desired and run the spectra processing procedure.
AtomTrace - AtomAnalyzer

Built for optimization

The proprietary system of binary input files provides fast calculations of basic spectroscopic properties and other demands. Optimization for large sets of spectra enables high-performance even on a moderate computer. Support of multi-thread parallelization and even GPU-supported calculations is planned in future.

List of available nodes

All the nodes are organized into the groups - so called Toolkits. The most common functions are present in the Basic Toolkit and they have been already implemented into the AtomAnalyzer:
Included Nodes
Basic Toolkit
  • Basic import
  • CSV,ASC node
  • Input/output node
  • Import wizard
  • Export node
  • Edit metadata node
  • Metadata operation node
  • Spectra operation node
  • Merge node
  • Scatter node
  • Select node
  • background node
  • Internal standardization node
  • Interval operation node
  • SNR/BNR node
  • Filter node
  • Histogram node
  • Select peaks node
  • Identify node (NIST only)
  • Line chart node
  • Binary operation node
  • Interval operation node (Advanced)
Prediction and Mapping
  • Create 2D model node
  • Optimization node
  • Predict 2D model node
  • Mapping node
  • PCA node
  • PCA predict node
... and now we are working on more advanced features, such as Chemometrics, R-Script linkage, Advanced Reporting, etc.
Chemometrics and NNA
  • PLS node
  • Genetic algorithm node
  • SIMCA node
  • Back propagation node (ANN)
  • Feature selection node (ANN)
  • Self-organizing maps node
Database and Reports
  • Voting experts node
  • Identify node (AT database)
  • Publication quality output node
  • Reports generation
  • Python node
  • R-Script node
Experiment control
  • Control libraries for lasers, detectors and spectrometers

Video tutorials

Watch these tutorials, so you can see how the workflow in AtomAnalyzer looks like.
AtomTrace - AtomAnalyzer


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