Redefining Glass Analysis: The Challenge of Carbon Detection

From our previous posts you already know, that analyzing glass is not an easy task and not every conventional analytical tool is able to do so. However, with Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analysis of such materials can be performed. Now we have decided to set glass analysis to another level by searching for carbon in it!

Analyzing carbon in glass is a formidable challenge in the material science industry. The intricate composition of glass and the often-minimal presence of carbon make it a particularly tough element to pinpoint. Traditional methods frequently fall short in this complex task, but our LIBS devices have emerged as a game-changer.

Our success with Sci-Trace is not just about using advanced technology; it’s about understanding the core challenges of carbon detection in glass and addressing them directly. We’ve tailored our approach to overcome common obstacles, ensuring that our measurements are not just numbers, but reliable indicators of carbon presence.

See average signals corresponding to the carbon emission line of C I 247.8 nm with quite high signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) for individual orientation measurements, which have been conducted on carbon-containing glass sample with an average carbon concentration of around 0.5 %wt. and SNR appended with integrated intensities of carbon and silicon emission lines and their more or less stable ratio values performed on the second sample containing only around 410 ppm of carbon!

In the realm of material analysis, where accuracy is paramount, and the stakes are high, our Sci- Trace/M-Trace instruments offer a robust and reliable solution. We’re not just detecting carbon; we’re providing a deeper understanding of the material, opening doors to improved quality and innovation in glass production and usage.


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