Precise Lithium Quantification

in Geological Samples

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is an advanced analytical technique that has garnered considerable attention for its applicability in quantifying lithium in geological samples. The method is not only rapid and requires minimal sample preparation, but it also offers the advantage of in situ analysis, making it highly suitable for geological explorations.

Take a look at the calibration curves, that we were able to establish using our Sci-Trace/M-Trace devices, show efficacy in lithium quantification. Calibration curves are critical in analytical chemistry as they relate the concentration of an element in a sample to the intensity of a spectral line. The three provided calibration curves demonstrate a strong linear relationship between the measured intensity and the lithium concentration, evidenced by their high R2 values, indicating excellent model fits. The R2 values are 0.968509, 0.984425, and 0.995299, respectively, for the three calibration curves. These values suggest that the LIBS technique provides a reliable and consistent quantitative analysis of lithium.

A closer look at the data points on the calibration curves reveals that they are well aligned along the calibration lines, with only minor deviations. This alignment indicates low variance in the measurements, underscoring the precision of the LIBS technique. The color gradient on the plots corresponds to different lithium concentrations, visually representing the calibration range and highlighting the sensitivity of the method to changes in lithium content.

Furthermore, the calibration curves span a wide range of lithium concentrations from counts of ppm to counts of percent, here specifically from 4 ppm to 2,5 %. This proves that our devices can accurately quantify lithium across various levels, which is essential when dealing with diverse geological matrices.


In conclusion, the attached calibration curves support the use of LIBS as a highly effective method for the quantification of lithium in geological samples. Its micro-destructive nature, coupled with the high accuracy and precision as evidenced by the calibration data, positions AtomTrace instruments as a valuable tool in geochemical analysis, particularly in the context of the increasing demand for lithium in various industries. As the world leans more towards electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, the importance of efficient lithium exploration and quantification is no overstatement, and our products are set to play a pivotal role in this endeavour.


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