Innovating Automotive: Maxion Wheels Partners with AtomTrace on the A-Trace Project

We are excited to share breaking news! AtomTrace a.s. has just joined forces with Maxion Wheels Czech s.r.o., the world’s leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum wheels for passenger, commercial, and specialty vehicles. This collaboration marks the beginning of a supreme AtomTrace project that is going to redefine the standards of automotive manufacturing quality.

The A-Trace project, named in full “Elevating Automotive Production Quality to a New Level,”  falls under the renowned SIGMA Program: Seal of Excellence, EIC Accelerator. The project aims development, testing and implementation of a disruptive technology prototype called “A-Trace”. This machine is envisioned to measure the chemical composition of aluminum alloys in real-time using our LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) method. LIBS is the only technology that analyzes chemical composition in-line, directly integrating into the production process.

By deploying Industry 4.0 and machine learning, our project stands out as a model of innovation, redefining the automotive landscape. True to Maxion’s logo, “we move mobility forward,” we combine AtomTrace’s technological expertise with Maxion Wheels’ deep industry insights.

For AtomTrace, this marks a groundbreaking milestone – a defining moment in our company’s history. By partnering with an industry giant like Maxion Wheel group and benefiting from the dedicated EU funding for strategic industrial research and development, we’re poised for significant growth in industrial applications. This collaboration fuels our momentum and sets the stage for AtomTrace’s future business expansion.

Once again, it’s time to roll up our sleeves!


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