Exploring the Potential of LIBS in Biology

With its capabilities, LIBS technology presents numerous advantages, even within biological sample analysis. By requiring minimal sample preparation, it preserves the integrity of sensitive biological specimens. Its rapid analysis capabilities facilitate the fast screening of a large number of samples which is crucial in biological studies. LIBS also showcases its versatility by analysing solid, liquid, and gaseous samples, making it suitable for a wide range of biological materials. Moreover, it conducts micro-destructive analysis, utilizing only a tiny amount of material, essential for precious or limited biological samples.  Last but not least, its high spatial resolution enables detailed mapping of elemental distributions within different kinds of biological specimens.

The applications of LIBS in biology are vast and varied:

Medical Diagnostics: LIBS is revolutionizing medical diagnostics, for example in enabling the rapid detection of disease markers in tissues and fluids. From cancer diagnosis to infectious disease screening, LIBS offers insights that have the potential to transform patient care.

Pharmacology: In pharmacological research, LIBS offers unprecedented capabilities in the analysis of drug distribution within tissues and as well as homogeneity of commercial tablets.

Environmental Monitoring: LIBS plays a pivotal role in detecting light metals originating from electrical devices or technical salinization contamination. Additionally, LIBS can help address issues related to eutrophication of waters caused by excessive fertilization. Its ability to provide real-time, on-site analysis makes it essential for environmental conservation.

Agricultural Science:  In agricultural science, LIBS is driving innovation in facilitating the analysis of soil, plant tissues, and agricultural products for nutrient content, contaminants, and pesticide residues. By providing such valuable insights, LIBS can help in optimizing crop yield, enhance food safety, and ensure sustainable agricultural practices.

With its ability to provide easy, rapid, precise and micro-destructive analysis across a wide range of sample types, LIBS has the potential to transform our understanding of complex biological systems and bring benefits not only to scientific research but also enhance healthcare, thereby improving the quality of life for people.


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