EIT Raw Material Summit with Atomtrace, Prague, 2023



EIT Raw Materials Summit 2023 in Prague is already history and we would like looking back what bring us. The summit proved to be a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and forging meaningful connections with industry leaders. Atomtrace emerged from the event with several exciting opportunities, demonstrating the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology in the raw materials sector.


Exploring Czech Mining Perspectives: Among the diverse topics discussed by experts from across Europe, Atomtrace was particularly intrigued by insights into Czech mining shared by RNDr. Jan Pašava, CSc, Director of the Czech Geological Survey. With a history dating back to 1919, the Czech Geological Survey plays a crucial role in providing geological services to the Czech Republic. Mr. Pašava’s presentation on the overview of Czech reserves and the future of mining resonated with Atomtrace’s mission, leading to discussions about potential collaboration on future projects and innovations in mining technologies, such as Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) with Atomtrace products.

Innovation and Sustainability in Mining: The mining industry’s pressing need for innovation and sustainability was a recurring theme throughout the summit. Atomtrace actively engaged in discussions with industry leaders, including Mr. Lasse Moilanen, CEO of BioSO4, and Mr. Aleksi Salo from Mineral Economy Solution in Finland. These discussions led to fruitful conversations about testing lithium at the Finnish Geological Archive, paving the way for collaborative projects with a consortium of 12 companies across Europe, where Atomtrace has own role. Atomtrace is poised to contribute to the innovation and sustainability drive within the mining industry by LIBS and move it to additional level of use, cross the border.

Successful Collaboration and Future Directions: The summit highlighted successful collaborations in the mining sector, such as the innovative machine presented by Jakub Progorowicz, R&D and Investment Director of Comex Group. This collaboration, developed in response to the needs of Czech company Diamo and supported by Technical University of Kosice, signifies a clear direction for technological advancements in the coming years. Atomtrace, agreed, committed to upgrading X-ray fluorescence (XRF) to LIBS, demonstrating a shared vision for the future of raw materials. 

Networking and Future Projects: The significance of networking at the summit cannot be overstated.  Atomtrace engaged with industry leaders, including Mr. Anthony Slatboom, to discuss ongoing projects, financing, and plans for expanding production. The company expressed its commitment to working closely with ERMA (European Raw Materials Alliance) and EIT Raw Materials to strengthen collaboration and foster sustainable growth within the industry.

Proud Partnership with EIT Raw Materials: Despite the challenges posed by COVID, our collaboration with EIT Raw Materials has been ongoing for several years. Finally meeting Krzysztof Kubacki, the General Manager CLC East at EIT Raw Materials, was a highlight. Grateful for the opportunity to engage in discussions and initiate a new projects. Atomtrace takes pride in its partnership with EIT Raw Materials, leveraging the network and newfound connections to contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. The company emphasizes the importance of innovation and collaboration as driving forces in atomizing the world together.

Conclusion: Atomtrace’s participation in the EIT Raw Materials Summit 2023 has proven to be a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of sustainability within the raw materials industry. As Atomtrace looks ahead, the company is poised to implement cutting-edge technologies and collaborate with partners across Europe to shape the future of mining and raw materials processing. The commitment to upgrading technology, fostering partnerships, and contributing to a sustainable future positions Atomtrace as a key player in the evolving landscape of raw materials.



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