Effective and Precise Analysis of Liquids using LIBS

Analyzing the chemical properties of liquids can be challenging due to their complex compositions, potential interference from impurities, and the need for precise detection at low concentrations. There are various approaches to liquid analysis, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. 


In recent years, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) has emerged as a powerful technique for the analysis of liquids. Last week, AtomTrace laboratory delved into researching a specific application of LIBS. We were inspired by the insights from Nilvan A. Silva’s and  Ivo M. Raimundo’s poster from the LIBS 2022 World Conference in Bari, Italy. Their study addressed a pervasive issue in the oil industry: the deposition of inorganic scale in pipelines used for oil exploration on marine platforms. This scale, caused by the precipitation of metal ions, poses a significant challenge, leading to reduced production efficiency.


Our team focused on analyzing salt concentrations in seawater on filtration papers using LIBS. Notably, we were able to achieve rapid quantitative analysis, with speeds of just 1 minute per sample on our LIBS setup.


LIBS demonstrated itself as a simple yet highly efficient method for determining scaling ions in saltwater. Specifically, our findings indicate that filter paper, when used as a solid substrate for phase conversion, holds great promise for the monitoring and especially quantification of Mg, Ca, Sr, and Ba in saline samples.


This research highlights the versatility and practicality of LIBS, positioning AtomTrace at the forefront of innovative solutions for diverse industry challenges. Our LIBS application streamlines chemical analysis, offering a key to optimize processes and enhance overall efficiency across various sectors.


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