Tungsten Fiber Analysis

High – Tech equipment such as Scanning Electron Microscope or even home appliances such as light bulbs are working as good as the quality of their tungsten fiber allows. Chemical investigation of tungsten fiber presents a challenge for conventional analytical tools. Their small dimensions, especially their small thickness makes the sample impossible for analyzing with the spark OES – the device is not able to target the sample with a spark. In the case of XRF analysis, light elements, which are often the main object of impurities determination, are hard to or even impossible to detect. Analysis with SEM failed to detect any differences in elemental composition between the fibers of different purity. 

With our Sci-Trace device, employing the LIBS analysis, we were able to identify different impurities and classify the quality of different fiber samples.

Figure 1 presents a fast and easy way for magnesium impurities determination and comparison. Figures 2-4 show the determination of calcium, sodium, and potassium respectively in the fibers.

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Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is an optical emission tool for the quick characterization of chemical elements in a broad range of materials, including biological, geological, and ceramic materials. A highly energetic laser pulse is directed at the target sample (Figure 4), resulting in the creation of an expanding microplasma upon impact. This microplasma emits luminous species that provide valuable information about the material composition and the sample environment.


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