Our Shares have just Come Back to the IPO value!!!

We are happy and proud to announce that the AtomTrace share value is back on its original IPO value! Great News! The Market Stands for THAT! Several Deals have just taken place during the last days with the original IPO CZK 50 value per piece!

AtomTrace company shares have been listed on the START Market since the end of 2018, when the company did its IPO, starting with the IPO value of CZK 50 per piece. In the past years, in particular the Covid and after-Covid years, the shares might be called a rather lazy stuff from the perspective of the stock market with just a little amount of trades. Slowly falling down, August 2023 even dropped their value down to CZK 15 per piece.

Now, after 5 years after the IPO we are back on the IPO value of CZK 50 per piece. The shares have just started to be traded from time to time, day by day, indeed. For sure the new continuous scheme of the START Market, that started on September 1, 2023 and also the unified 1 piece lot for START Market emitents applied since the same date have been among drivers of this great improvement and development. However, we are more than just sure that the awareness has also been raised by the recent strong and promising business development of the company. We see this story as very promising and believe that the company is going to hold on to this with even strengthening its position, ambitions and success with its new deals.

We are proud, but remember that we can achieve even more!!!


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