AtomTrace is Re-opening India: AtomTrace Is Getting Ready for a Supreme High-tech LIBS Tender in India Shoulder to Shoulder with a Big Regional Andor Distributor

During the years 2017 – 2023, AtomTrace has opened several serious business channels within the region of South and Southeast Asia. However, the biggest economy in this part of the World, India, has resisted the company’s utmost effort to make its very first strong footprint there.

Now we have a Big Game-Changer there in India and possibly in the whole region. One of the key Andor – Part of the Oxford Instruments Group distributors has established with AtomTrace a very close relationship. Just now, shoulder to shoulder, they are getting ready together with AtomTrace for their first stake – a supreme high-tech LIBS tender. This heavyweight class distributor with dozens of installations every year is opening its share of the market to the AtomTrace LIBS technology and stands for a mutual heavyweight load business in this region in the future.

“Preparation for this supreme high-tech LIBS tender in India is not the only thing that makes me really keen. Together with this partner, we have come to serious opportunities in deep research and development, including prospect and geology and undersea research as well. Hence, not only sales but also possible strategic deep collaboration is knocking on the door there in India,” says Jan Proček, CEO, shareholder and founder of AtomTrace.

Building global high-tech business step by step with serious and highly reputable partners all over the world, filling the cup with real and genuine global technology, which LIBS for sure now is – that is one of the principles AtomTrace stands for and is proud of. Let’s wish ourselves all the best there in India, may this be the very first successful case in the region of South and Southeast Asia.


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