AtomTrace Devices Capture the Interest of a Prestigious American Laboratory

In a stride towards technological innovation, AtomTrace is capturing the attention of the renowned laboratory in the United States. Due to the speed and accuracy of their analysis, our LIBS machines have already been integrated into the research activities of several institutions that pursue efficient progress.

This month marks a significant milestone as AtomTrace makes its triumphant return to the United States. After winning a public tender at one of the state universities, we are now setting the stage for the next phase of expansion. The Los Alamos National Laboratory, featured in the critically acclaimed movie Oppenheimer, significantly contributes to science, technology, and national security. The institute has recently shown keen interest in AtomTrace devices. The center’s curiosity speaks volumes about the devices’ potential to reshape the landscape of research and development. 

Unlock a world of possibilities by integrating AtomTrace devices into your research arsenal to unravel options opportunities previously considered too difficult or too time-consuming to pursue, such as light elements detection. The future of elemental analysis is already here, and it’s powered by AtomTrace. Contacts us to find out more!


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