AtomTrace among success stories of EIT Raw Materials

AtomTrace made another important step towards strengthening its position among the leading global vendors of LIBS analytical solutions. Thanks to the cooperation with EIT RawMaterials, we managed to design and introduce a new machine named M-Trace to the world in just 12 months. We are very grateful to EIT for all its support and the opportunity to be among 15 success stories in 2022.

M-Trace is bringing its own category among LIBS products on the market. The combination of portability and the precision of big laboratory LIBS machines makes the M-Trace a very ideal workhorse for many industries. Ultra high speed of the analysis and identification of light elements like lithium are saving companies precious time and cost, important to keep pace with today’s competition.

Several international shows and conferences all over Europe were podiums where we exhibited the year-long development effort with great pride. We believe that within a few years, we will become an integral part of suppliers operating in the fields of geology (exploration, mining, revitalization…), metallurgy, and many other industries, where fast material analysis is a game-changing aspect.


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