Atomtrace a.s. Secures Funding from TACR’s SIGMA Programme to Revolutionize Mining Industry

Atomtrace a.s., a leading innovator in the field of chemical analysis technology, has announced a significant milestone in their journey toward transforming the mining industry. The company has successfully secured funding from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR) under the “SIGMA Programme: Presentation of the 3rd Call for Proposals – Sub-Objective 1, support for the commercialization of R&D&I+.” This funding marks a crucial step forward for Atomtrace as they prepare to strongly enter the mining segment.

Atomtrace’s focus in this new endeavor will be the development of their groundbreaking product, C-Trace. C-Trace is poised to become an innovative solution for in-field chemical analysis of drill cores, a vital need in the mining and metallurgical sectors. Mining and metallurgical companies require detailed information about the chemical properties of raw materials, as it significantly influences the entire mining process.

C-Trace aims to address this pressing industry demand by providing a solution that is simple, reliable, rapid, and cost-effective for chemical analyses. It will cater to the mining industry’s growing demand for precise and quick analysis of critical metals such as lithium, nickel, magnesium, and aluminum. These metals are strategic resources and highly sought after by various industrial sectors.

With this funding from TACR, Atomtrace a.s. is well-positioned to advance the development of C-Trace, bringing forth a transformative technology that will enhance the efficiency and precision of chemical analyses in the mining sector directly in the field. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of ensuring a sustainable supply of critical metals while driving innovation within the industry.

Atomtrace’s innovative approach and commitment to advancing the mining sector’s capabilities make them a prominent player to watch in the evolving landscape of resource extraction and utilization. The funding from TACR underscores the potential impact of C-Trace in revolutionizing chemical analysis methods in the mining and metallurgical industries, ultimately benefiting a wide range of industrial applications.


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