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Our requirements

  • Design of control electronics for communication in-between devices using the RS-232, RS-485 and non-standard bus
  • General knowledge of basic protocols for data transmission, their advantages and disadvantages,resource demands, etc.
  • At least basic experience with industrial automation
  • Design, production and testing of PCB
  • Design of light current and heavy current connections and testing
  • Programming the firmware for custom built control electronics (AVR for example)
  • Ability to work with the EAGLE software is an advantage

What you can expect

  • interesting and progressive world of laser spectroscopy
  • high-tech technology development
  • young, friendly and enthusiastic team of co-workers
  • appropriate salary and highly flexible work hours
  • possible to work while studying (arranging the topic for a bachelor or other diploma thesis)


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AtomTrace a.s.

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Czech Republic

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